Borehole Well and Pump

In the middle of June 2019, a 50M or 164 ft deep borehole was drilled to supply clean water to village residents. The borehole well and pump are located near the caretaker’s house at the entrance to the Model Village. This was the best place to drill for water as it had a very good water table. The rest of the site was unsuitable. Water will have to be to be drawn from the borehole to the 6 huts where the village is located, walking through a bush path as typical in all villages.

In the Remote Future

In the far future if the Model village will ever afford it, the large green water tank will be located between the Southern end of the main house and the performance theater. There will be 1 public tap of water between the toilets and the performance theater, 1 public tap in the middle and in front of the 6 huts. There will be 1 public tap of water for the workers compound. The 6 huts and the house will have indoor water supply, showers, and flash toilets. Between the arts and crafts building and the workers compound there will be a borehole for hand-pumped water.