Savannah Natural Wilderness

My love for the Savannah Natural Wilderness is so deep that words cannot describe it. This comes from my experiences as a child as wilderness provided everything that we needed in the village: food, meat, mushrooms, wild fruits, grass for thatching houses, herbal medicines or munkhwala, firewood, fiber or nyozi, trees for making crafts such as drums and cooking sticks, building structures and much more. Every tree and creatures  had a Tumbuka name and had a use for something; ants, rabbits, birds, snakes, and bees just to mention a few. It was also a safe place to play as children. All the vegetation has a certain beauty and elegance invisible to contemporary people as it is seen simply as hostile bush to be cleared and conquered.

path in a dry Savannah Wilderness area

Mwizenge Model Village will carefully use some parts of this wilderness to support our lives as humans but most of it will be preserved in its natural state for us to enjoy. Guided tours will be conducted for people who are curious and want to know more about the Savannah natural wilderness.

Savannah wilderness at sunset