Illness, Modern Medicine and Herbal Healing

Natural healing in the Savannah Wilderness has centuries of precedence. This setting offers an opportunity to witness the accumulated knowledge of herbal medicines and to explore possibilities for further research in traditional healing methods.

The Mwizenge Model Village of 50 Hectares or 123 Acres of Savannah Wilderness will provide opportunities to conduct further research into Zambian traditional healing methods and the various herbs that are used from trees. The Model Village will provide a perfect venue for validation of observations about natural healing methods that have been made over the years. Documentation of the tree roots and other sources of treatments of various ailments will contribute to accumulated knowledge of natural healing methods.

There are local medical facilities in the area. The Chongwe Hospital is in Chongwe, a small town 20 Kms along the Great East Road. The Nangwenya clinic is 8 Kms away on the Great East Road going towards Chongwe.

Traditional healer preparing herbal roots for a patient.

Traditional Healing Example

When I was about 16 years old I had a wart on the left side of my forehead that would not go away. In modern medicine, they use some chemical treatments that are applied on the wart and in some cases they are zapped using some type frozen pin. My father went into the bush and collected a long red spider’s web string. He told me to wrap it around the base of my wart and not to wash my face for 3 days. Before the third day was over the wart fell off painlessly has never been back since I was 16.  – Mwizenge Tembo