Thinkers, Writers, Sabbatical Research Retreat Opportunities

One of the most important aspects of the Mwizenge Sustainable Model Village is to provide serious scholars and thinkers a retreat for thinking and writing. Research into local plants, culture, native thought, language and natural healing might also be possibilities. It is important to emphasize that this will be a place to engage in deep and original thought. Individual men and women who will be given the opportunity to use the place as a retreat will be admitted on the basis of proven maturity and seriousness of thought. This will not be a place to engage in jingoistic tossing of ideas where the individual lacks maturity and clarity. Plenty of places for young university scholars, conferences, seminars and workshops exist and are very useful for young scholars and writers. But the Model Village will provide special opportunities for more mature and serious scholars, philosophers and thinkers particularly those whose foundation of thought is embedded in Zambian and African traditional thought and perhaps even language. I am convinced that English, French or any of the European colonizing languages never gave us Africans the equivalent in knowledge that is embedded in the indigenous Zambian languages such as Chewa, Lozi, Tumbuka, Tonga, Bemba, and Kaonde just to mention a few.

If you are considering a retreat, research or writing at the Sustainable Model Village, a sponsorship by a school, business or community might be a possibility to help with food and housing expenses during the stay at the village.