Model Village Hut
Mission Statement

The Mission of the Mwizenge Sustainable Model Village is to establish a village in the Savannah Wilderness where the traditional Zambian/African philosophy and principles of Kufwasa and Serenity guide the everyday lives of the residents. This is the everyday life of simplicity, creativity, humility, minimal materialism, and sustainability. The model village will encourage social closeness among residents and help them recognize their connection to the rich resources of nature around them and spiritual life.

Village Group Photo

The Mwizenge Sustainable Model Village will create a model for men, women, and children to live together in Kufwasa harmony and serenity.


  1. Establish a sustainable model village that will be the blue print for anyone who wishes to establish model villages in rural Zambia, African and the world.
  2. Establish simple dwellings for the residents that will constitute 6 simple small brick huts clustered together in an open space. The small mphungu kitchen in front of each hut will constitute the major center of resident social life; cooking, sharing meals, chatting, sharing stories especially in the evening.
  3. Establish food production that will employ organic and other sustainable traditional and modern sustainable methods of farming and agriculture.
  4. Establish a healthy food diet that is natural and organic based on Zambian traditional cuisine or meals; nshima with beans, vegetables cooked with peanut powder, peas, peanuts, fish, natural Zambian fresh vegetables, delele, mushrooms, and all seasonal domestic and natural ndiyo, umunani, or relish dishes that Zambians eat with the nshima staple food.
  5. Conduct research and documentation of Zambian traditional indigenous natural and domestic vegetables, fruits and other foods.
  6. Establish a physical location where men and boys can learn and practice some traditional skills such as woodcarving.
  7. Establish a physical location where women and girls can learn and practice some traditional skills such as clay pot molding.
  8. Establish a personal library that will serve as the center for reading, learning, and sabbatical research work, studies of various kinds and other educational activities.
Model Village Hut

This is the model hut for the village housing; not too small and not to big.