Tree Savannah
Model Village Group Photo
Mwizenge Tembo Outside
Grandpa Reading
Grandpa Holding Child
Man in a Blue Shirt
Man in a Striped Shirt
Woman Thinking
Man in a Brown Shirt
Women Doing Hair
Man and Woman in Green Shirts
Woman in Orange Shirt
Man in a Green Shirt 2
Two Men by Fire
Man in a Green Shirt 3
Woman Sweeping
Food Dish 2
Professor Tembo and New Bike

We had a medical emergency at midnight a few days ago at midnight. We needed one of the residents to walk to the main road 6kms or 4 miles away to get the man who has a car to whom phone calls were not getting through. We bought a brand-new bicycle for emergency purposes.

New Bike

The new bike purchased for emergency situations.

Men Processing Vegetables for Drying

Residents are now collecting and drying mphangwe pumpkin leaves vegetables. They also drying kabata or bilizongwe or nyazongwe leaves vegetables.

Drying Vegetables
Man Beside Drying Vegetables
Drying Vegetables and Basket
Men Boiling Vegetables to be Dried

The veggies are boiled before they're dried.

Lizard in a Tree

Sitting in my hut with the door wide open, this lizard suddenly barged in. I chased it out and it climbed up this nearby tree.

Village Pavilion

This is our village pavilion that we built last week. It will be used for education and entertainment. I gave the first lecture on the meaning of Sustainable Development.